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Weight (kg)Tripod endSections, fixingLibellaCompassTransp. LengthMin - max heightCenter pierAngle discOpens in 180°BallheadMaterial
TriLac00Handy0,16plastic1, nonono1614nononoplastic fej + mobiltelefon tartóplastic
TriLac01Mini0,88gum5, noyesno1624-108yesnoyesCNC ballheadaluminium
TriLac05Baby1,84double needle + baseplate3, yesnono5036-45noyesnonoaluminium
TriLac31c1,2gum + needle4, noyesyes3936-140yesnoyesCNC ballheadcarbon
TriLac322,72gum + needle3, noyesno7266-177noyesyesnoaluminium
TriLac32c2,28gum + needle3, noyesno7266-177noyesyesnocarbon
TriLac353,98gum3, yesyesno8278-163noyesnoProHead85aluminium
TriLac35c3,7gum3, yesyesno9188-190noyesnoProHead85carbon
TriLac41c1,84gum + needle4, noyesno4648-176yesnoyesCNC ballheadcarbon
WDF42,86gum3, yesyesno6146-140yesnono3D fejaluminium
WDF73,67gum3, noyesno7467-158nonoyesnoaluminium
StarAdvTrp1,6gum2, noyesno7064-116nonononoaluminium

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Astronomical telescopes up to 100 Euros
Astronomical telescopes between 100 and 200 Euros
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70mm Acuter Maksutov-Cassegrain spotting scope with tripod
70mm Acuter Maksutov-Cassegrain spotting scope with tripod
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