Delta Optical Titanium 8x42 és 10x42 HD binoculars

The design of the Titanium HD 8×42 and 10x42 binoculars combines functionality, ergonomics and optics. An additional flattener in the optical system significantly improves the flatness of the field and reduces optical distortion. A high resolution, minimal chromatic aberration and a large field of view make the binoculars universally applicable. The design is inspired by plant motifs such as the abstract “leaves” on the case, which, as a functional element, also provide a firm grip.

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Titanium HD binoculars with state-of-the-art optics are strongly recommended for the most demanding user. They comprise of high-quality ED glass which level most of optical defects. Titanium HD has an unparalleled high light transmission. The binoculars are extremely handy and their sleek design is just breathtaking!
8x42 model with a field of view of 8 degrees is suitable for many different types of observation. 10x42 model due to larger magnification but smaller field of view is recommended for daytime observation.

Product code tit1042ed tit842ed
átmérő 42 mm 42 mm
nagyítás 10 x 8 x
látómező 126 m/1000 m 136 m/1000 m
közelpont 2 m 2 m
látószög 7,23 fok 7,8 fok
szemlencse átmérő mm mm
kilépő pupilla 4,2 mm 5,25 mm
szürkületi érték 20,5 18,33
geometriai fényerő
tömeg 710 g 774 g

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The product comes with 10 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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Limited stock (1 piece). Please contact our colleagues before ordering: +36-1-202-5651
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Delivery:Limited stock
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