Objective cups for riflescopes

Covers for reticle regulation and covers for battery for Delta Optical riflescopes

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Lens cover is made of a soft, odorless rubber, suitable for rifle scopes Delta Optical Titanium, and more. The material is completely resistant to severe frost and UV light. Suitable for most of rifle scopes found on Hungarian market with 56 mm lens, binoculars, and even of the same diameter, or night vision camera lenses. It protects the lens from dust, sand, rain and mud. Pops and assumes silently, with one hand. Prevents scratching of sensitive and delicate coatings antyodblaskowych lens during storage and transport. No sticks, no slides off the tube and does not scratch the surface.

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After a few weeks, months of usage

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Half-Softcase for Riflescope, size L (42-50 cm length)
Half-Softcase for Riflescope, size L (42-50 cm length)

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