Delta Sailor 7x50 Marine binoculars

A rubberized, fully waterproof and unsinkable binoculars. Integrated illuminated compass and optical range finder.

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  • 7x50-C1 Sailor binoculars

    7x50-C1 Sailor binoculars (sailor750c1)

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More about the product

Binoculars brand new Delta Optical far-sighted created for water lovers. This indispensable companion while canoeing or sailing boat on the lake. Sailor 7x50 is rubberized, fully waterproof and this is unsinkable. It is only to keep her on a leash, in the event of falling overboard, not drifted too far. But this is not the end of its advantages. It has a built-in illuminated compass, visible in the optical path binoculars and optical rangefinder, to calculate the distance from the known height of the object and vice versa. For ease of calculation on one of the lenses of binoculars provided a suitable converter .

Delta Optical Sailor 7x50 is based on a comfortable classic Porro design with individual eye focusing system. Extremely practical functionality of the binoculars, complement its versatile performance and very good optical properties. Bright and clear image is obtained thanks to the high quality prisms with BaK-4 glass and anireflection layers that cover all elements of optical binoculars. This ensures a high light transmission and high contrast images, which we enjoy during our cruise.

G.Dávid's opinion

After a few weeks, months of usage

Optical quality

Mechanical quality

7x50-C1 Sailor binoculars
7x50-C1 Sailor binoculars

Vízálló, remek kis binokulár.


Nem tapasztaltam még hátrányát.


Egy vízálló, közepes teljesítményű, elfogadható árú binokulárra volt szükségem, amit eme termékben meg is találtam. Kidolgozása megfelelő, a hordszíj lehetne egy kicsit igényesebb, mondjuk könnyen cserélhető.

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)

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