Nexcope NE610 Microscope with 40-1000x magnification (trinocular head)

Modern biological microscope used in research in veterinary medicine, bacteriology, immunology, pharmacy and other scientific fields, in analytical laboratories.

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 It is equipped with a trinocular attachment that allows you to connect any C-mount microscope camera in an independent observation track. The trino tube has the ability to adjust the height, allowing you to rip the focus on the camera sensor and in glasses. The microscope has an infinity corrected optical system with precise micro / macro focus adjustment and a wide field of view of the glasses up to 22 mm.

The device is equipped with excellent quality planachromatic lenses, offering a very detailed image. A 40x lens with a larger working distance of 1.5 mm helps to avoid accidental soiling when working with immersion liquids.

The large table is very practical and user-friendly. It has hidden gears and moves relative to the tripod only in the Y axis, which saves valuable space on the sides of the microscope. The holder allows you to attach two preparations at once and quickly compare them.

Thanks to the use of LED lighting (high brightness and long life) we get cold white light, which does not cause heating of the microscope and the preparation. This is especially useful when conducting very long, uninterrupted observations.

A wide range of optional accessories makes it possible to use advanced observation techniques: dark field observation, simple polarization, phase contrast or epifluorescence.

Technical parameters in standard configuration:

    10x / 22mm wide field eyepieces.

    Siedentopf type trinocular head, 30 ° inclination, adjustable tubes in the range of 47-78 mm, 50/50 light distribution, rotated 360o.

    Third optical path, with the option of adjusting the distance of the sensor from the specimen plane (factor of magnification 0.5x).

   Lenses corrected to infinity, with an optical length of 45 mm, planachromatic: 4x NA 0.1, 10x NA 0.25, 40x NA 0.65 LWD 1.5 mm, (amortized), 100x NA 1.25 (amortized, oil).

   Five-nest turret, pointing backwards.

   Mechanical table, dimensions: 185 x 142 mm, with a range of motion 78 x 54 mm, with a holder for two preparations.

  Abbe type N.A. 1.25 height adjustable, with graduated iris aperture, centering mechanism, filter slide (30 mm) and the possibility of mounting the slide for observation in the light and dark field.

  Focusing system: coaxial macro and micro knobs. Coarse movement - 37.7 mm per revolution. Small movement - 0.2 mm per revolution. Elemental plot: 0.002 mm. Movement range - 28 mm.

 Quick lock mechanism for upper table position (knob at the right micro focusing knob) and a mechanism for setting a permanent lock using an allen key.

Bright 1W LED lighting with long lifetime.

Possibility of extension with other elements or construction in a different configuration, including:
100x NA 1.10 planachromatic lens with water immersion.
20x NA 0.40 planachromatic lens.
60x NA 0.80 planachromatic lens.
Barrel for light and dark field mounted in the condenser.Photo adapter with 1x magnification factor (for cameras with a sensor larger than 1 / 1.7 ").
23.2 mm photo adapter.
Simple polarization kit.


Supplier's symbol: NE610 Diopter adjustment: +/- 5D in both tubesApplication:    Education    Universities    Laboratories    Medicine    veterinary    researchCorrection: to infinityLighting source: LED Pupil distance: 47-78 mmlenses:    4x    10x    40x    100xFocus adjustment: micro / macroLighting: passing Microscope table: 185 x 142 mmHead: trinocular Objective revolver: five-lensPreparation advance mechanism:    for two preparations    range of motion 78x54 mm    with vernierFocus adjustment knobs:    double-sided    coaxial    with table top lock    with downforce adjustmentCondenser: Abbe N.A. 1,25 Observation technique: Bright fieldOptics class: planachromatic Expandable:    dark field    phase contrast    polarization    epifluorescenceMagnification of the microscope:    40 x    100 x    400 x    1000 xMagnification of the eyepiece: 10 xGlasses field of view: 22 mm Lighting power: 1 WSupply of microscope: AC Micro elemental plot of movement: 2 umWarranty period: 24 months. Light distribution in the head: 50:50 (glasses: camera tube)

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)