Celestron MicroSpin digital microscope, 2MP

The Celestron MicroSpin microscope is a digital microscope with an interesting 6-position lens in the form of a circle, so you can choose 6 different magnifications from 100 to 600x, depending on the observed object.

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  • Celestron MicroSpin digital microscope, 2MP

    Celestron MicroSpin digital microscope, 2MP (MicroSpin2)

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More about the product

The microscope sensor has a resolution of 2 MP, which in combination with double, top and bottom lighting, allows interesting observations of many objects, including biological preparations, as well as insects, rock plants and many others. The microscope connects to the PC / laptop via a USB 2.0 interface. The microscope software allows you to take pictures and record video. The microscope works with any operating system.

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)