Delta IPOS stereo microscopes

The plan-achromatic objective lens and the extra wide field eyepiece make this microscope optically excellent and are easy to use.

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 IPOS stands for \"Infinity Parallel Optics System\". In the \"Infinity\" system the light beam is focused at infinity and is practically used in higher class microscopes. This system lets other optical elements to be installed into the light path between the objective lenses and the microscope head (like beam splitter for photography, polarising filters, etc). These advanced possibilities make this microscope popular in scientific, research or industrial use. The Delta IPOS microscopes are optically excellent ones thanks to the plan-achromatic objective lenses and the extra-wide field of view eyepieces. The LED illumination can be switched on and off and can be adjusted separately for upper and lower illumination. The microscope comes with 1x objective lenses, thus the available magnification range is 8x-64x (IPOS-808) or 8x-80x (IPOS-810). These 1x objective lenses can be replaced with 0.5x or 2x ones, halving or doubling the available magnification range. The 0.5x objective lenses give 4-32x (40x) magnification, while the 2x ones give 16-128x (160x) magnification.

Binocular head, viewing position 20°
Camera adapter with beam splitter (optional)
Adjustable iris-diaphragm
Eyepieces: EW10x/22
Zoom magnification range: 8-64x (8x zoom) or 8-80x (10x zoom)
Objective lenses: 1x, plan-achromats (0.5x and 2x objective lenses are available separately)
Working distance: 78mm
Focus range: 105mm
Illumination: upper and lower LED illuminator, adjustable

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