STM 45 microscopes

STM45 is a stereo microscope family with good optical value. The zoom covers the magnification range of 7-45x.

Product variants

More about the product

The new stereoscopic microscope family (sold as STM45 variants) give excellent optical performance. Magnification can be set seamlessly between 7x and 45x while the basic microscope has 100mm working distance. These values can be changed with an optional lens as following:

- with the StereoB-05 the magnification range halves into 3,5x-22,5x range and the working distance changes to 190mm.

- with the StereoB-20 the magnification range dobles into 14x-90x range and the working distance changes to about 30mm.

The included eyepiece has 10x magnification and a raised eye relief so it can be used also with glassed. Assymmetrical eyepiece rubber covers are also included.

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)