Phase contrast microscopes for investigation of waste water

Using phase contrast microscopy is a well known method in biology and industrial applications (including waste water handling, etc). Can be used to investigate cells or cuts (0.2-1 microns).

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To use phase contrast microscopy the illumination unit and the optics (including the phase contrast condenser, ring diaphragm and phase contrast objective lens) have to be adjusted properly. The method is based on interference. The specimen is illuminated from different directions, and the ligth from the two sources can boost or black out each other providing a pattern of light and dark. The recommended objective lens is 40x.

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Lacerta Travel Economy Microscope with LED illumination, 4x, 10x and 40x JIS (Japan Industr. System), microfocus (0,001 inch) and full metal corpus (with rechargeable battery)
Lacerta Travel Economy Microscope
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