Delta Genetic microscopes

Delta Generic Pro binocular biological microscopes with optional camera port (trinocular head) or built-in camera (Gen-Dig)

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 The four achromatic objective lenses provide 40-1000x magnification with the WF10x eyepiece.


- Robust design and body
- Excellent optics, achromatic objective lenses with 4x, 10x 40x and 100x magnification (100x one is oil-immersion)
- Head can be rotated in 360 degrees, viewing position is 30°
- Specimen stage is 142 mm x 132 mm with ergonomically designed and placed fine adjustment knobs
- Kohler-illumination with Iris-diaphragm, adjustable in all directions, illumination is also adjustable. The condensor can be removed and other devices can be installed
- the LED illumination is adjustable and does not cause heating, while consuming less power

The trinocular version (Gen-Tri) comes with a camera port, which accepts not only standard USB cameras but DSLR cameras (with optionally available adaptors).

The digital version (Gen-Dig) already has a built-in camera, which is very easy to use. Recommended for schools, demonstration or documentation purposes. The built-in canmera connects to the PC view an USB cable. The digital version is available with rechargeable battery version as well.

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)