We offer for sale different meteorites with ID card. All meteorites are unique, with special price. Unit prices depend on weight so the given prices are just for information.

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Historic meteorites

Meteoritic bodies found at historical meteorite falling sites. For example Nantan meteorite: IAB-MG iron meteorite, fall in 1516, found in 1958. Total mass were 9500 kgs, we offer small, identical pieces.


Iron meteorites

Iron meteorites contains iron, nickel and sulphur, this is one of the most common group of meteorites.

Campo del Cielo: Some craters and a lot of iron meteorites were found at 1576 at the Campo del Cielo, Argentina. Its age is 4-5000 yrs, type is IAB-MG irony meteorite.

Muonionalusta: The impact of Mounionalusta occured at about a million year ago. Showing nice Widmanstatten pattern.

Agoudal: Found by nomads in the High Atlas in Moroco in 2000. The known mass is 100 kgs.

Gibeon: Namibian  meteorite pieces, found in an 275x110 k m area. Total mass is 26,000 kgs. Falling time is unknown.

Rock-iron meteorites contains silicates and metals (iron and nickel).

Pallasite: It was found next to Brenham (USA) in 1882. Contains mixed silicate (minerals of olivine and pyroxene group) crystals and metals (iron and nickel) as a matrix.


Chondrites are the another huge group of meteorites.

Lunar and Martian meteorites

They are from sure Lunar or Martian origin.

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Astronomical telescopes up to 100 Euros
Astronomical telescopes between 100 and 200 Euros
Microscope offer up to 200 Euros


SkyWatcher Explorer-150P (150/750) Newtonian reflector on EQ3 mount with 6x30 SpringLoad finder, 25mm (30x) and 10mm (75x) eyepieces, 2x Barlow
SkyWatcher Explorer-150P (150/750) Newtonian reflector on EQ3 mount
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SkyWatcher Explorer-130PS Newtonian reflector (130/650) telescope for beginners on NEQ2 mount with steel tripod with 25mm (26x), 10mm (65x) Super eyepieces, red dot finderscope
130/650 SkyWatcher Explorer-130PS Newtonian reflector on NEQ2 mount
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