Photo platform adapters

Use these accessories to have a standard photo thread on your astronomical mount.

Product variants

More about the product

 Would you like to mount a spotting scope, camera or something else with standard photo thread to an astronomical mount? These adapters desinged to do so.The AZ3 mount this way becomes an extremely stable photo tripod with fine movement on both axis. Adapters are available for EQ1, EQ2, EQ5, Vixen GP, Porta, Celestron GC5 and many other mounts.

Note: Mounting an L-adapter on top of these adapter will convert the mount into a very stable binocular mount.

L adapters for cameras come in two different versions;
The simpler one (PLATL) is suitable for mounts having standard dovetails (like AZ4, Port3, Vixen Porta, Merlin or AllView).

The PLATL3 is recommended for panoramic photography, which can be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

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