How to use a microscope (Kremer)

How to choose the right microscope? How to prepare a specimen? How to color cells in order to observe better? This book answers these questions as well.

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These questions surely arise after deciding to start using a microscope. This book illustrated by 164 pictures and 79 figures helps to answer them, guiding the user step by step.

- parts of a microscope and how to use it
- how to prepare specimen
- how to color them
- how to create long lasting specimen
- how to take photos

Translated from book \"Mikroskopieren ganz einfach\", KOSMOS Verlag, Stuttgart, 2008


1. issue ISBN 978 963 87835 6 1
size: 158x213 mm, 190 pages, 164 color photos and 79 color figures, hard cover

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