Dipol DN55 XT NV attachment GEN 2+

High quality image, compact/lightweight design, "Extended Technology" lenses

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More about the product

The Dipol DN55 XT builds slimmer than the predecessors of the DN34 series without sacrificing optical performance.

The device is delivered as standard with manual brightness control. When you turn on the power, the brightness is set to maximum. Turning the power switch further reduces the brightness, which often results in better contrast.

The installation of night vision attachments is very easy and done by means of Rusan adapter and dipole reducer (linked below). These are not included in the product. The original mounting ring is also supplied on request for an extra charge, as this usually requires too much space.

By using the zoom of the rifle scope, a variable magnification and a reticle illumination can be used. But neither is necessary.

The usable zoom range of your day optics moves in this version of 1x-8x with very high quality and more than 10x with a pleasant figure. As a result, shots are not a problem, both at churn distances and over very long distances.

The XT "extended technology" uses special multi-coated lenses which show an even sharper image to optimally implement the high resolution of the amplifier tube in a high-contrast image.

The Generation 2+ amplifier tubes are available with black / white or green color options.

Due to the straight design, all the lenses are in the same axis, which means there is no shift in the point of impact. So it does NOT have to be injected again and all hits sit in the usual place.

Please note that for legal reasons, no IR emitter is included in delivery and only then an IR brightener may be combined with it if it is used exclusively for observation purposes without a weapon.


■ Usable up to 8x magnification

■ Manual brightness control

■ Bright picture in low ambient light

■ The eye relief to the scope remains unchanged

■ The rifle does NOT need to be refilled

■ Variable magnification possible

■ Automatic brightness control

■ Focusing at 10m to infinity

■ Sits in the optical center of the ZF

■ Incl. Mounting rail for accessories

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