SkyWatcher Evostar 90/660 StarQuest mount

The very popular 9cm diameter telescope is now available on the StarQuest equatorial mount.

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The heart of the 90/660 refractor is the 90mm f / 7.3 air-spaced achromatic lens, which gives a sharp and contrasting view of the celestial bodies thanks to its precise quality. Its performance is similar to that of the popular 90/900 model, despite the fast focus, the chromatic aberration is still very moderate, even at high magnification. It is a perfect instrument for observing the Moon and the planets (Jupiter's moons and clouds, Saturn's ring, etc.), but with its large aperture, it can also reach many deep sky objects in an average city skies. It is a universal telescope that is suitable for almost any observation task. The shorter tube length results in easier handling and transport. The tube has a 1.25 ”focuser. The tube comes with a 90-degree (1.25 ”) star diagonal, a 25mm (26x) and a 10mm (66x) Super Barium eyepiece (1.25”), and a Starpointer. The image seen in the telescope is upright, but the mirror image is inverted (right and left are interchanged). With standard T2 adapters, you can connect digital cameras to the telescope tube to take nature photos, as well as take snapshots of the Moon and (with a filter) the Sun. A smartphone adapter can be fitted to the eyepieces, so you can take simple photos with your phone.

It is functionally very similar to the Avant mount, but instead of the polar wedge we can adjust the pole height using the two screw solutions. Like the Avant, the axes are lightweight, but they have a strong design, and can be fixed by the discs on the bottom. Both axles have fine-tuning (with the usual flexible arms). The instrument can now be fixed to the mount with a more practical plate. The counterweight sits on a threaded end counterweight shaft. The length and weight is less than the EQ2 mount. The reason for this is that, due to the more compact mechanical head, the center of gravity of the telescope is closer, so a shorter axis and less weight are required.

The head is located on the thinner aluminum tripod, which still provides sufficient stability. The head can be fixed to the stand with the usual hand-held screw. The head has a black finish with green sticker scale. The capacity of the mount is approx. 4 kg.

Direction of Dec and RA axes can be rotated at 360 degrees. The RA and Dec gear tooth numbers are 122.

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