Leica Magnus 1,8-12x50 i L-4a #53160

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Product code: lei1-12x50L4a

Leica Magnus 1,8-12x50 i L-4a #53160

More about the product

The new Magnus 1.8–12x50 i is an ideal addition to our high-quality Magnus line. Thanks to its compact dimensions and a large, 50 mm objective lens, it is an extremely versatile riflescope for hunting from blinds and when stalking. Its outstanding zoom factor and a minimum magnification of 1.8x also make it the ideal choice for driven hunts.

It combines benefits such as short overall length, suitability for a broad spectrum of hunting situations and easy mounting with the advantages of a first class optical system. For instance, the combination of minimal vignetting and the large, effective diameter of its objective lens, provides exceptional light-gathering ability and improves resolution of details from dawn to dusk.

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The product comes with 10 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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