15x70 ED Delta eXtreme Marine

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Product code: eXtreme15x70

15x70 ED Delta eXtreme Marine binocular, shock and water resistant, nitrogen filled, reference quality

More about the product

Delta Optical Extreme models are massive binoculars, using uncompromising solutions. With the construction of priority were the best optical properties packed by solid mechanics. Hence the use of porro prism, and uses low dispersion elements, as well as massive prisms made of high quality BaK-4 glass.

Thanks to ED lenses the
chromatic aberration has been significantly reduced in the image. In addition, Extreme binoculars used in modern anti-reflection coatings (FMC), which covered all the optical elements. It provides more than 90 percent light transmission throughout the system, and thus, the light reaches our eyes and extremely realistic images with natural colors. The image is free from defects such as astigmatism and coma, and with the correct image distortion correction is perfectly flat.

All these features add up to a most important - Extreme Delta Optical binoculars offer an extremely bright, sharp, high contrast images throughout the entire field of view!

Model 7x50 binoculars wide angle is very clear. Suitable for hunting, because with very good resolution and brightness will tell details of game. It is an ideal binocular for all applications that require follow at dusk. Rugged construction will check very well on board the yacht, boat or ship, while providing optimal magnification to observe the swaying deck.

It is also a great choice for amateur astronomers. Binoculars will give a wide field images of the sky high and will be ideal for observing the Milky Way. Extreme 7x50 ED has a very large depth of field and its regulation in many cases you will not need.

Extreme Bodies all models are made of durable metal and coated with a special rubber veneer, which in addition to a good grip, provides effective cushioning the fall of binoculars or its impact. Mechanics in these devices can operate in a wide temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.
An important feature of the Extreme is also full of water resistance and protection against fogging on the inside, in the form of pure nitrogen, the binoculars are filled. Due to the large size of binoculars Extreme fairly easy to handle them with gloves in winter conditions.

Delta Optical All models are individually Extreme focusing system.

Comfortable eye cups firmly against your eye sockets, cutting off the light from the outside. In combination with a large distance from the exit pupil and the glasses are comfortable observation.

Product code eXtreme15x70
átmérő 70 mm
nagyítás 15 x
látómező 77 m/1000 m
közelpont 10 m
látószög 4,4 fok
szemlencse átmérő 28 mm
kilépő pupilla 4,7 mm
szürkületi érték 32,4
geometriai fényerő 22,1
tömeg 2550 g

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The product comes with 5 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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