8x32 Delta One binoculars

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Product code: done832

8x32 Delta One roof-prism binoculars

More about the product

The binoculars width is only 11x12 cm, weight is only 380 g. The lens is 32 mm, but is shows bright and vivid image in daytime observation. Beside the small size, its field is large, 7.5 degree for the 8x32, and 6.2 degree for the 10x32. The binoculars are nitrogen filled.

Product code done1032 done832
átmérő 32 mm 32 mm
nagyítás 10 x 8 x
látómező 110 m/1000 m 131 m/1000 m
közelpont 1,3 m 1,3 m
látószög 6,2 fok 7,5 fok
szemlencse átmérő 17 mm 17 mm
kilépő pupilla 3,2 mm 4 mm
szürkületi érték 17,9 16
geometriai fényerő
tömeg 380 g 380 g

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The product comes with 5 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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