DDoptics Pirschler 10x56 Gen 3 binoculars

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DDoptics Pirschler 10x56 Gen 3 binoculars

More about the product

Due to the most modern materials and manufacturing techniques, the optics are impact resistant, light and extremely easy to use. The new "Pirschler" binoculars (with the exception of the cover and reinforcement of the tripod connection) does not contain a gram of plastic either on the tube or on the parts exposed to wear.

The body and bridge are made of an ultra-hard but extremely light magnesium alloy

, which is used in aircraft manufacturing and makes the binoculars almost unbreakable. The weight was reduced by 70 g with this modification. Due to better functionality, the eyepiece diopter adjustment (range +/- 4) is no longer on the focus wheel, but on the right viewfinder. All these operating elements - dioptre, eyepiece, focusing - are made of duralumin, which is why they are a guarantee for long-term use. The so-called "Best Grip" reinforcement on the outside of the body prevents the hands from slipping.

In the case of the "Pirschler 10x56" binoculars, the brightness of the image literally catches the eye at first glance. forms the basis for the reproduction of a high-contrast and brilliant image with razor-sharp contours - even at dusk. Even at night, it turns out that the "Pirschler 10x56" is a faithful companion for hunters. CT (Clear Transmission) glass with an intricate DDlucid coating and high-quality Abbe-König prisms are responsible for the clear and clear image quality. Light scattering is very low.The extremely high light transmission

"Pirschler" binoculars are very comfortable to hold due to their sophisticated ergonomic design. Reinforcement "Best Grip" on the outside of the binoculars prevents the hands from slipping. A safe and stable solution that can be held with one hand is also possible, and it can be used very well for the open bridge with an ergonomic handle. The "" coating ensures the water-repellent lotus effect, the binoculars are completely waterproof up to 1 meter in warm or cold water. The eyepieces can be fixed in 3 positions for the perfect viewing distance. This means that even those who wear glasses can use the wide field of vision (114 m) without restrictions.Raindefender Nano

Smart Focus is beneficial at dusk or at night: With this technology, the Pirschler series eliminates the inconvenience of refocusing. After focusing on an object 100 meters away, the optics automatically adjust from 50 m to infinity without constant refocusing.

The 129-meter field of view offers clear advantages, ensuring faster finding or spotting of wild life.

The adjustable bridge is stable and works without backlash. The quality of the eyecup mechanism, which has been significantly improved compared to the previous model, carefully designed resistances and feedback (haptic resistance) can be clearly and intuitively perceived through proper locking (no rattle, no play, no random adjustment).


  • Green body
  • ABBE KÖNIG prisms
  • impact resistant magnesium (Mg) metal body
  • Only 1150 g
  • Eye lenses and eye cups made of metal
  • Focusing wheel and separate diopter made of metal
  • Completely new optics with CT (Clear Transmission) glass
  • HD resolution 3.4"
  • 110 m field of view for comfortable viewing
  • Adjustable eye distance 57-79 mm
  • Total length: 190 mm / max. width: 155 mm
  • Best grip design concept for non-slip
  • Water resistance up to 1 m
  • Raindefender Nano - Lotus coating

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The product comes with 30 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).