Adaptor T2 internal to M48 external

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Product code: T2M48

Adaptor T2 internal to M48 external (FF254)

More about the product

The Off-Axis guider is an adaptor that makes it possible to use the main telescope as a guidescope, which provides many advantages:

- only real shifts will be corrected

- no need for a separate guide scope with additional weight and reduce stability of the whole system

Recommended especially for reflecting telescopes where mirror shift usually causes additional problems.

The Lacerta Off-Axis Guider is the shortest of its kind. The adaptor is optimized to be used with Canon EOS DSLRs, the bayonett adaptor is machined from one piece together with the adaptor. It was tested with Baader Coma Corrector, Televue Paracorr and Televue reducers (400-800mm) with f/3.8 Newton and f/5 refractor. Contrary to other off-axis guiders this one can be still used with correctors without changing the recommended distance between the corrector and camera.

The adaptor can be mounted only one way, which increases the stability of the camera. Includes a bigger, 9x12mm mirror instead of a smaller prism which projects a bigger area than the usual 5x5 prism. After reaching the proper focus the adaptor can be fastened using a screw meaning the whole system remains parafocal.

100% made in Hungary.