Camera adaptor T2-T2 DSLR 1,6x for f.e. STEMI508 Microskope (26115-0000-000)

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Product code: StemiDSLR16T2

Camera adaptor T2-T2 DSLR 1,6x for f.e. STEMI508 Microskope (26115-0000-000)

This adaptor make connection between Zeiss Stemi 508 EDU-T and fullframe DSLR cameras into the phototube.

More about the product

The ZEISS Stemi 508 is compact, reliable and equipped with optics and mechanics designed for heavy workloads. With the large 36 mm object field you always keep the overview of your sample. The 8:1 zoom then allows to bring details up to 50× magnification. Stemi 508 offers better ergonomics than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope: The low viewing angle of 35° lets you keep a relaxed posture even after hours of work. The unit comes with Stand K EDU and Spot Illuminator K LED.

  • 6,3x to 50x magnification
  • manual zoom with 8:1 zoom factor
  • binocular lens barrel with fixed 35° viewing angle
  • LED transmitted and epi-illumination
  • eyepieces, 10x/23 Br. foc.
  • LED spot illuminator
  • K EDU column stand, (W x D) 190 mm x 310 mm

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)

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