Star analyser (200 ln/mm)

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Star analyser (200 ln/mm)

More about the product

Used like a conventional 1.25 inch filter, it is the ideal accessory for today's low cost astronomical imaging cameras, webcams and video cameras. * For example, with a telescope of just 80mm aperture and a simple unmodified webcam, the hidden characteristics of hundreds of stars down to magnitude +4 can be revealed. With a 200mm aperture and a sensitive long exposure CCD imager, the identification of bright Novae and Supernovae or even a measurement of the expansion of the universe from the redshift of a Quasar are possible.

* High quality transmission diffraction grating mounted in a standard 1.25 inch filter cell * Anti- reflection coated glass protects the grating surface * High efficiency 100 lines/mm blazed design * Simple to use - Screws into a camera eyepiece adapter like a normal filter * Spectrum direction marked on the filter cell. A locking ring maintains the orientation * Optimised for the small CCD sensors found in popular webcams, video and astro cameras. * Star and spectrum can be recorded in the same image, which aids identification and calibration * Grating distance can be adjusted if desired using spacer rings (purchased separately) * Can also be fitted to an eyepiece for visual useFEATURES:

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