Delta SZ-450-TRI professional zoom (1x-4.5x) trinocular stereo microscope with illumination from above/below

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Delta SZ-450-TRI professional zoom (1x-4.5x) trinocular stereo microscope with illumination from above/below

More about the product

 This modern and excellent stereo microscope is recommended for botanical, biological, entomological, paleontological, archeological work, for students and amateurs as well. Can be recommended for other targets, like checking small electronics, fine mechanics as well.

The SZ-430 has 7-30x, the SZ-450 has 10x-45x zoom magnificationWith optionally available eyepieces this magnification range can be doubled or halved. The LED illumination is adjustable separately for upper and lower illumination as well. The long eye relief makes it very comfortable to use. The trinocular head contains camera port as well.

The trinocular head provides a dedicated camera port. The microscope comes with a reducer which can be screwed onto the C-mount of the camera, thus corrects the camera's field of view to the one seen in the eyepieces.

The binocular or trinocular head, viewing position of 45°
Inter pupillary distance can be set between 52 and 75 mm
Focus range: 105mm
Eyepieces: EW10x/20mm
Diopter setting on both eyepieces
Objective lens magnification (zoom): 0.7-3x or 1-4.5x
Zoom factor 1:4.5x
Diameter of the field: 20-4.4mm
Working distance: 97mm
Illumination: upper and lower LED illumination
Both upper and lower illumination can be switched on and off and is adjustable separately
Illumination angle for the upper illumination is adjustable
Microscope body dimensions: 177 x 255 x 38 mm

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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)

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