80/395 Lacerta Quintuplet Flatfield APO

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Product code: La80395FLAT

80/395 (f/4.9) Lacerta FLAT-Quintuplet APO with Octo focuser in alu case

More about the product


closes the gap between the inexpensive ED doublets and the more expensive and heavier triplet apochromats. Astrophotographers who value a particularly pure color image are well served with this APO. The best possible glass combination that is currently available for an ED doublet (FPL53 with NBM51 partner glass) was selected for the two-lens ED lens. In the field of sky observation, the travel-ready and compact device offers very good performance - and harmonises very well with various field flattening lenses and focus reducers.

The Lacerta 80mm Apochromat also meets the high demands of nature observers: color purity and color fastness are a matter of course, both visually and photographically. The high-quality optical system, paired with the new Octo focuser (guided on 8 ball bearings), promises a lot of success in demanding photography. Even heavy cameras are held with good stability, focusing is very sensitive with the 1:10 micro focuser. Mounting via a solid Vixen dovetail mounting rail with integrated 1/4" photo thread. This allows you to attach the device to any good photo tripod. The rail can be turned around for better balancing.

All model variants

Depending on whether and with which flattener the Lacerta APO is used, the following combinations result:

  • 500mm focal length (f/6.25) without field correction - for nature observation and nature photography, as well as for visual astronomical observation (link to the presentation - you are reading it now)
  • 500mm focal length (f/6.25) with doublet flattener and 65mm working distance - entry into astrophotography (link to the presentation)
  • 395mm focal length (f/4.9) with triplet flattener reducer and 60mm working distance - very bright with increased working distance (link to the presentation)
  • 395 and 500mm focal lengths - dual version (f/6.25 and f/4.9 interchangeable) - the last two variants in one (package consists of 1 telescope and 2 field flatteners = two focal lengths) (link to the presentation)

Scope of delivery of this version (La80500):

  • 80mm f/6.25 ED APO tube black
  • Vixen prism rail with 1/4" photo tripod connection
  • Finder shoe kup1
  • 2" Octo focuser (guided on 8 ball bearings)
  • Reduction to 31.7mm (ring clamp)
  • 1:10 micro focus reduction
  • Aluminum case with 2 keys

Technical specifications

  • Lens: FPL53 glass from Ohara/Japan with NBM51 partner glass (best possible color correction with Doublet-ED)
  • fast focal ratio of f/6.25
  • excellent optics, usually with strehl over 90%
  • less sensitive to alignment problems than a triplet
  • Harmonizes well with various field flattening lenses and reducers (see test photos), making it possible to use it with several focal lengths
  • Screw connection of the corrector/camera unit to the tube
  • little vignetting and edge-sharp with full-frame cameras (with flattener)
  • Unrestricted use with star diagonal and normal accessories, also for nature observation
  • STM coating (STM = super high transmission)
  • Eightfold ball-bearing "Octo" focuser, carries cameras weighing up to 4kg safely and without slipping (e.g. G2-8300)
  • retractable dew cap
  • CNC metal tube and CNC manufactured inner panels
  • transportable (OTA only 2.8 kg)
  • compact for travel (OTA only 380mm short)
  • Tube diameter ... mm
  • Dew cap diameter 103mm
  • Overall dimensions in case: 57x34x21cm, 6kg

Tips and Tricks:

The "foot" of the Lacerta 80/500 is attached to the underside with 2x M6 screws.

You can unscrew and flip the foot for better balance.

To clamp to a mount, turn the base around and turn the focuser so that the focusing unit is positioned at the top left and the viewfinder shoe with the guide scope is positioned at the top right.

With a rotator on the flattener, you can rotate and adjust the image section on the camera.

Balancing with the camera AND free rotation of the focuser is also possible.

To do this, choose the combination of VixenFFT21 plus SpacerFFT plus Reiter-V (see recommended products and also in the photo tab)

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