Lacerta Infinity Series Typ-10 microscope

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Product code: LIS-10

Lacerta Infinity Series Typ-10 microscope with 4 PLAN and 1 phase contrast PLAN objectives (4x, 10x, 20x, 40PH and 100x) and Full-Koehler illumination (laboratory-quality)

More about the product

The INFINITY microscopes open new perspectives in microscopy. Any number of accessories can be placed into the light path. Some small features are also provided:
- 5 objective lens revolver
- real INFINITY Plan objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x) with additional slots for special purposes (eg. phase contrast)
- all LS microscopes provide full Kohler illumination and phototube
- coaxial coarse and fine focus with tension control
- larger specimen stage
- trinocular phototube with permanent light splitting. Enough back focus to use DSLR cameras parfocally
- 10x WF eyepieces with 20mm stops
- Abbe condenser N.A=1.25 with iris diaphragm
- horseshoe shaped condenser holder to switch quickly between bright field, dark field, polarising and phase contrast microscopy
- the dark field stop can be mounted on the original Abbe condenser
- the polarising kit rotating element can be mounted on the original Abbe condenser while the other element can be placed into the slot under the trinocular head
- phase contrast set condenser can be replaced quickly without adjustment.
- LED illumination can be used. Equal to a 20W halogene illumination but the LED lasts for at least 10000 hours. Does not warm up the specimen and stage. The halogene illumination is recommended for observations requiring true colors.

Accessories available: dark field diaphragm, polarising kit, phase contrast sets, carrying case.


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The product comes with 3 years warranty

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