Bresser LCD-35 digital microscope

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Bresser LCD 5Mp digital microscope with 40-400x magnifications and 3.5" display

More about the product

The LCD-35 digital microscope provides 40-400x magnification on a 3.5" display. It is also possible to take images and videos using the built-in 3 MPixel camera. The three objective lenses provide 4x, 10x and 40x magnification but these lenses provide much higher actual magnification (approx. 100x, 400x and 1000x) thanks to the small physical size of the sensor used. The objectives contain glass lenses which are fully coated, resulting in sharp and contrasty images. Illumination is adjustable. The upper illumination makes it possible to do surface microscopy as well, with working distance of 15mm. Slow motion control is also available and filter holder makes it possible to use the best filter available.

The imaging resolution can be set from 0.3 MPixel (640x480) up to 3 MPixel (2048x1536) and a 128MB internal storage is provided that can be extended with SD cards. The images and videos can be downloaded to the PC using the USB cable included. No software needs to be installed, the microscope is recognized by Windows systems as external storage devices. Exposure times, effects can be adjusted, images can be time-stamped and also time-lapse imaging is possible.

Many accessories included:
* 5V adaptor
* specimen set
* 5 pieces specimen, and a set of 10 pieces to make your own
* cover
* USB cover


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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)