8x42 Lacerta Prime ED binocular

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Product code: LA8x42pred

8x42 Lacerta Prime ED roof binocular

More about the product

Lacerta's Prime ED series offers outstanding quality at an affordable price.

A smaller, easily portable model, its 42 mm diameter lens makes it ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, hiking, bird watching, scouting, and general use. The 8x42 model gives a calmer image and a larger field of view when held in the hand. The 10x42 version with 10x magnification provides greater performance, allowing us to see more details on the observed things.

Very nicely detailed binoculars, a real quality piece. The outside of its metal housing is matte anodized in titanium color, while its gray, high-quality rubber cover ensures a comfortable grip.

Looking into the binoculars, we are greeted by an extremely wide field of view, which is associated with a crystal clear, sharp and high contrast image. The lens built up with a special ED lens element, thanks to which the image is especially clear. The light transmission and color reproduction are also excellent, thanks to the premium quality phase and FMC coatings found throughout the optical elements. The careful and professional execution of the internal shading also helps to achieve high contrast.

The eyecups of the glasses can be twisted up and adjusted comfortably to our eyes. If you don't twist it up, you can even use the binoculars with glasses. Its waterproof design allows it to work without problems even in humid and rainy weather.

The lens caps are attached to the telescope, so you don't have to worry about leaving them. The included neck strap is wide and comfortable, and the case is practical and protects the instrument well.

Product code LA10x42pred LA8x42pred
átmérő 42 mm 42 mm
nagyítás 10 x 8 x
látómező 116 m/1000 m 142 m/1000 m
közelpont 1,1 m 1,1 m
látószög 6,6 fok 8,1 fok
szemlencse átmérő 22,5 mm 24 mm
kilépő pupilla 4,2 mm 5,25 mm
szürkületi érték 20,5 18,33
geometriai fényerő 17,64 27,56
tömeg 698 g 720 g

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