10x56 Lacerta Elite binoculars

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Product code: LA10x56el

10x56 Lacerta Elite roof binoculars

More about the product

Sharp and contrasty image combined with large aperture and high quality glasses and antireflexion coatings resulting a really powerful binoculars fo day and night use. The binocular are filled with Nitrogen gas. The 10x magnification model is recommended for older hunters as above 40 years the eye pupil cannot open to 7mm meaning light loss in case of lower magnification models.

Product code LA8x56el LA10x56el
átmérő 56 mm 56 mm
nagyítás 8 x 10 x
látómező 117 m/1000 m 107 m/1000 m
közelpont 2 m 2 m
látószög 6,7 fok 6,1 fok
szemlencse átmérő 25 mm 25 mm
kilépő pupilla 7 mm 5,6 mm
szürkületi érték 21,16 23,66
geometriai fényerő 49 31,36
tömeg 985 g 1000 g

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The product comes with 5 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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