InfiRay Iris IL35 R+ thermal monocular

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InfiRay Iris IL35 R+ thermal monocular

More about the product

Reality+ Image Improvement Algorithms

The latest Reality+ image enhancement algorithms can effectively improve image quality and remove noise, releasing the full potential of the thermal sensor.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

F0.9 Large Aperture

The F0.9 lens allows for light reaching by 20% more compared with a regular F1.0 lens, generating brighter and clearer images.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

Self-developed 384*288@12μm Sensor with NETD <

The self-developed sensor provides stable and outstanding performance, with a NETD<20mK, guaranteeing superior image under harsh conditions.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

Silent Button

The ultimate silent buttons mean that you won't make any noise to disturb your prey during the operation.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

No more “thermal eyes”

The Iris is equipped with a variety of colour palettes, among which the red and green palettes are designed to prevent eye fatigue, allowing for comfortable long-time use.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

Replaceable 18650 Battery

The Iris is equipped with the best 18650 replaceable battery, which could provide continuous usage for up to 5 hours per charge.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

10mm Exit Pupil

The eyepiece with a 10mm exit pupil diameter ensures the best viewing angle and visibility in any angle and situation.

Infiray Iris IL19 R+

Other Benefits


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