Hikmicro Thunder TH35PC 2.0

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HIKMICRO THUNDER TH35PC 2.0 thermal monocular attachment

TH35PC 2.0 and TH35PCR 2.0 equipped with a 35mm lens and a NETD<20mK are the perfect night hunting companion for both field and forest scenarios.

More about the product

HikMicro Thunder 2 Clip On

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful thermal imaging device that can be used as a monocular or a clip on, you might want to check out the new Hikmicro Thunder 2 Clip On. This device is the latest addition to the Hikmicro Thunder series, which offers high performance and user-friendly features for hunters, wildlife observers and security professionals.
What is the Thunder 2 Clip On?

The all new HikMicro Thunder 2 Clip On from HIKMICRO builds on the success of the original Thunder Pro with an updated, ergonomic design and industry leading SUB 20mK NETD thermal sensor that delivers the ultimate image detail.

The HikMicro Thunder 2 Clip On chassis has been completely redesigned from the ground up and incorporates many new features including the removable HIKMICRO Li-ion battery pack which delivers up to 6.5 hours of runtime and can be conveniently recharged away from the gun.

The HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Clip On shares the same sensors featured in the industry leading Falcon monocular boasting a highly detailed 640px or a 384px resolution with SUB 20mK NETD. The thunder 2.0 Clip On is able to detect very small temperature differences, allowing it to build an incredibly detailed image.  This ensures that you can confidently identify not only the heat source but build an accurate understanding of the backdrop before you take the shot.

The focus system has also been completely redesigned with a new dial system located on the top of the scope which is ergonomic to use and allows precise adjustment, delivering the best possible image while in use.

The HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Clip On is loaded with HIKMICRO’s powerful software to boost your hunting experience – including one shot zero, picture in picture, recoil activated recording and access to the HIKMICRO Sight app which allow you to stream and control your scope from your phone.
Why Choose the Hikmicro Thunder 2 Clip On?

The Thunder 2 Clip On is a game changer for thermal imaging because it offers:

Versatility: You can use it as a monocular or a clip on, depending on your needs and preferences.
Performance: You can enjoy high resolution, high sensitivity and high magnification images in various environments and conditions.
Features: You can benefit from the advanced software functions that make your hunting easier and more enjoyable.
Compatibility: You can pair it with different rifle scopes without affecting their performance or accuracy.
Durability: You can rely on its long battery life, water and dust resistance, and temperature tolerance.

Thunder 2 Clip On Features

Ultra Clear Image
With an extremely high thermal sensitivity (NETD<20mK) detector combining a powerful thermal camera of up to 640×512 @12um @F1.0, it ensures informative images and an enhanced identification capability even under the slightest temperature differences.
Replaceable and rechargeable high capacity battery
The new battery pack extends working time up to 10h. A spare pack gives the freedom to operate as long as needed even for a full day. Besides, the battery pack performs superior to others, especially in a low-temperature environment.
New Focus Knob Design
The focus knob design makes the focus ring no longer a hassle. This enables a more convenient and natural posture of the hand, and smooth and precise lens focus adjustments with small finger moves.
Magnesium Alloy Design
Magnesium alloy design with lightweight, compact size and improved stability to meet the long-lasting use.
Easy to Mount and Demount
Just detach, turn, and reattach, it is easy to mount and demount only in a few steps. M52*0.75 thread is supported to be compatible with third-party adapters.
Multiple Zeroing Profiles
5 zeroing profiles can be configured and saved for a greater convenience.
New Battery Charging Method
The battery is able to charge both in the device and in the charging base. Plug and go.
Personalized Settings Available
Brand new UI and friendly quick menu help quickly find frequently used functions. DIY brightness and tone adjustment bring playback to the most comfortable level.

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The product comes with 3 years warranty

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