Genetic Digital-Microscope

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Genetic Digital-Microscope with 40-1000x magnification, incl. Camera and USB-port

More about the product


A binocular head microscope with 1.3 MPixel camera. Recommended for schools, demonstrations. The camera can be connected to the PC via USB port. Maximum magnification is 1000x (with the provided WF10x eyepiece).

* WF10x (replaceable) eyepiece
* tube length: 160mm
* diopter correction: +/-5
* illumination: 3W LED, Kohler-illumination
* condenser: Abbe (N.A. 1.2) with iris diaphragma
* specimen stage size 132 x 142mm
* coars and fine focus adjustment, minimum distance 0.004m, travel 24mm
* achromatic objective lenses: 4x (37.5mm), 10x (7.35mm), 40x (S, 0.29mm), 100x (O,S, 0.18mm)
* magnification range: 40x-1000x
* stage slow motion: XY 75 x 40 mm
* binocular head, tilted at 30 degrees, 55-75 inter-pupillary distance
* filters included: green and blue

The camera included:


* sensor: 1/2\" CMOS
* resolution: 1280x1024 (1.3MPixel)
* color depth: 24 bits
* image sizes / frame rates: 1280x1024, 15fps; 1024x960, 20fps; 640x480, 30fps; 352x288, 30fps; 320x240, 30 fps; 176x144, 30fps; 160x120, 30 fps
* sensitivity: 1.8V@ 550µm/lux/s
* exposure: manual/automatic, exposure time: 1s-500ms
* SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): >45dB
* dinamic range: 62 dB
* USB 2.0, plug and play


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The product comes with 2 years warranty (excluding electric parts)

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