E-PL 6.5mm modified Plössl

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E-PL 6.5mm modified Plössl

More about the product

According to a rule of thumb, the maximum magnification of our telescope is abput 1.5-2 times the diameter in millimeters. So even with the smallest 6-9 cm telescopes one can achieve 120-200x magnification for bright objects (i.e., the Moon, planets, double stars, etc.). So it is worth buying a shorter focal length. Sure, there are eyepiece miracles that cost almost as much as the whole telescope, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune, investing in an economical Plössl eyepiece can be a good solution. True, the field of view is only 40 degrees, but it’s not disturbing on a planet. Its normal single-layer coating prevents glare. And with the 15mm model, we just get an intermediate magnification between the usual included 10 and 25mm eyepieces.

Tip: If you do not feel comfortable viewing, you can fold the rubber eyecup back or simply remove it from the eyepiece.

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