Flexi Dew shield (820-1000mm)

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Product code: DewCap10

Flexi Dew shield for tube with 820-1000mm circumference

More about the product

Dew caps from Lacerta

Dew caps not only offer protection against stray light, but also against condensation or, in winter, even against icing. Catadioptric systems such as Schmidt and Maksutov Cassegrains, but also refractors with short dew caps, quickly fog up. This inconspicuous observation aid is often wrongly underestimated and considered unnecessary. Not a luxury, but a necessity! If you decide on a dew cap, it should meet some quality requirements: Don't skimp on the Velcro fastener so that the dew cap can be adapted to different tube diameters as far as possible Really matt inside: one of the main functions of a dew cap is to protect against stray light Flexible but stable, resistant material, which does not break even in sub-zero temperatures, and can be easily stowed away after observation. Durable and high-quality design - all parts are neatly sewn Factory pre-cut recess for a prism rail, can easily be removed with a craft knife the price should of course also be attractive The dew shields from Lacerta meet all of the properties listed above!

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