Delta Javelin 4.5-30x56 FFP SMR-1 riflescope

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Product code: DO4-30x56JSMR1

Delta Javelin 4.5-30x56 FFP SMR-1 riflescope

More about the product

The Delta Javelin 4.5-30x56 FFP featuring high-quality ED optics, large, lockable adjustment turrets, 34mm tube, 0.1MRAD click, illuminated aiming point, unique SMR-2 FFP reticle, zero-stop, throw lever, metal flip-up covers, and a sunshade.

The SMR (Scandinavian Match Reticles) reticles are made for Shooters by Shooters. All SMR reticles are designed to be clean and simple without any unnecessary distractions but remain functional, versatile and efficient.

The Delta Javelin is comfortable with up to 8000 Joule, which means it can be used on a caliber Magnum (.338 Lapua).

The SMR-1 is a tactical net made for the needs of long-range shooters and PRS players, but thanks to the illuminated center, the net is also ideal for hunting in low light. The reticle is characterized by a clean top field, floating central dot, 0.2MRAD markers and an integrated ruler vertically and horizontally with 0.1 MRAD markers for easier target measurement. The "Christmas tree" portion has 0.2 MRAD markers for distance measurement, wind deflection measurement and derivative. The numbers for measuring consecutive beams are placed 1.2 MRAD to the right of center to be easily seen when counting the beams, but still far enough from the center not to cover the target at the most critical points of the mesh. The SMR-2 reticle The SMR-2 is a simplified SMR-1 mesh. It has all functions except the "Christmas tree" found in the SMR-1. This makes it more suitable for shooters who do not use this feature and prefer a cleaner net.

Product code DO4-30x56JSMR1
objektív átmérő 56 mm
kilépő pupilla mm
pupillatávolság 100 mm
látómező 8,2-1,3 m/100m
látómező (szög) fok
szürkületi érték
irányzék SMR-1, vagy SMR-2
megvilágítható szálkereszt igen
közelpont m
hossz 388 mm
tubus átmérő 34 mm
töltő gáz nitrogén
bevonat FMC
találatpont állítás kattintásonként 0.1 MRAD mm/100m
középpont átmérője (100 méteren) mm
lőállóság 8000 J
vízállóság 0.3 kg/cm2
hőmérsékleti tartomány -20 / 71 ° C között
tömeg 1036 g
jótállás 10 év

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The product comes with 10 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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