Delta Optical Stryker HD 1-6x24 IR DSMR

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Product code: DO1-6x24DSMR

Delta Optical Stryker HD 1-6x24 IR DSMR

More about the product

Delta Optical Stryker HD 1-6x24 riflescope was designed for AR rifles for both dynamic shooting and recreational shooting competitors. Very large field of view (36m / 100m) at 1x multiplicity ensures equally fast target tracking as in open collimators but is more precise. The field of view puts this model at the forefront. In contrast to the collimators, the Delta Optical Stryker HD 1-6x24 telescope allows using the 6x magnification to recognize the target and make a precise shot at much further distances.

Closed turrets with a low profile protect against accidental adjustment of the crosshair settings. Zeroing the turrets does not require additional tools - after setting the reticle properly, just raise the turret knob, set to ZERO position and click back. The illuminated dot in the center of the cross ensures quick target tracking at close distances. To facilitate a quick change of magnification, the telescope has been equipped with a special screw-in adjustment lever.

The DSMR grid in the background does not change when you change the magnification, only the size of the target changes. Thanks to this, the sighting point at an example distance of 300m covers only 5.28 cm of target. Scaled at a 6x magnification, the grid in a metric system with 1 MRAD increments (10cm / 100m) gives the possibility of quickly applying elevation corrections and wind / derivation corrections, as well as allows estimating the distance to the target. The telescope is designed in Poland and manufactured in Japan using aviation aluminum alloys.

Product code DO1-6x24DGMR DO1-6x24DSMR
objektív átmérő 24 mm 24 mm
kilépő pupilla 11.4 - 4.0 mm 11.4 - 4.0 mm
pupillatávolság 86-104 mm 86-104 mm
látómező 35.6-5.9m m/100m 35.6-5.9m m/100m
látómező (szög) 20.24 - 3.45 fok 20.24 - 3.45 fok
szürkületi érték 4.9 - 12 4.9 - 12
irányzék DGMR - második képsíkban DSMR - második képsíkban
megvilágítható szálkereszt világítópont világítópont
közelpont m m
hossz 256 mm 256 mm
tubus átmérő 30 mm 30 mm
töltő gáz nitrogén nitrogén
bevonat FMC (93% fényáteresztés 550nm-es hullámhosszon) FMC (93% fényáteresztés 550nm-es hullámhosszon)
találatpont állítás kattintásonként 7,25 (0,25MOA) mm/100m 7,25 (0,25MOA) mm/100m
középpont átmérője (100 méteren) 5,28 (6x) mm 5,28 (6x) mm
lőállóság 1000 G / 6500 J 1000 G / 6500 J
vízállóság 0,3 kg/cm2 0,3 kg/cm2
hőmérsékleti tartomány -20 / 71 ° C között -20 / 71 ° C között
tömeg 490 g 490 g
jótállás 10 év 10 év

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The product comes with 10 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).

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