Delta Optical Titanium 1-6x24 IR HD 4A-S

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Product code: DO1-6x244a

Delta Optical Titanium 1-6x24 IR HD 4A-S

More about the product

The series of Delta Optical Titanium HD sights is very popular in Europe and in the world due to the high parameters common for all products in this series. Delta Optical Titanium HD telescopes offer exceptional quality and precision. Each parameter has been refined with the end user in mind. The sights in this series are characterized by high light transmission for the entire optical system of the telescope around 92%, allowing hunting even with residual lighting and high mechanical resistance, which makes it able to withstand kickback even on high-powered weapons.The ideal telescope for hunting traditional and organized hunters. the "Swedish" method. A very large field of view (36m per 100m) puts this model in the world's forefront. Such a large field of view ensures the comfort of a precise shot while maintaining maximum safety. The telescope has a variable magnification of 1-6x and a lens diameter of 24 mm. A powerful 30mm diameter tube and precision of performance make the telescope can be successfully used on high-energy weapons. In addition, like any other model in the Titanium HD series, the riflescope is filled with nitrogen, which makes it waterproof and works in all conditions.The telescope is available with a 4A S mesh whose size of the illuminated aiming point is 8 MOA @ 1x @ 100m.Light transmission as well as mechanical strength were confirmed by tests carried out at the German DEVA Institute.Body material: Aluminum -70%, Brass - 20%, Steel - 10%

Product code DO1-6x244a
objektív átmérő 24 mm
kilépő pupilla 24 - 4 mm
pupillatávolság 104 - 86 mm
látómező 35,6 - 5,9 m/100m
látómező (szög) 20,24 - 3,45 ° fok
szürkületi érték 4,9-12
irányzék 4A S
megvilágítható szálkereszt világítópont
közelpont m
hossz 256 mm
tubus átmérő 30 mm
töltő gáz N2
bevonat FMC
találatpont állítás kattintásonként 7 mm/100m
középpont átmérője (100 méteren) mm
lőállóság 6500J
vízállóság 0,3 kg/cm2
hőmérsékleti tartomány -17 - 80 C között
tömeg 490 g
jótállás 10 év

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The product comes with 10 years warranty (excluding the electronical parts).