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Budapesti Távcső Centrum

Stereo microscope

Basic stereo microscopes

Using a simple magnifying glass we can see much more details than with unaided eyes. With a 10x magnification stereo microscope one can enter to the micro cosmos. The usual magnifications are between 10-80x and can be used to inspect insects, minerals, coins, etc. You do not need to make preparations, just put the test object on the stage. Image is really stereo, since the two objectives makes the image from an insect's point of view. Using a stereo microscope is great pastime for everyone. Many people use them in industry, who work with small parts: watchmakers, technicians, mobile phone service, chemists, agronomists, etc.

Professional stereo microscopes

Professional stereo microscopes are lower power instruments feature a large stage for closer viewing of the microscopic world. For advanced use we offer inexpensive models with improved optics, photo head and very stable mount. Some models provide zoom and enhanced lighting meet the demands of professional use.

Industrial microscopes

Serving a wide variety of purposes, industrial microscopes show incredible detail on the surface of parts, circuit boards, and the like. They have bigger than average working distance so workers' hands and big specimen also have enough room. Available boom stands and digital video add to the versitility of these sturdy instruments. Both with fix and zoom magnification.

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