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Budapesti Távcső Centrum

Telescopes by price

Telescopes up to 180 EUR

Telescopes in this price range are ideal for beginners. This does not mean the quality is poor, these telescopes are much better than the usual plastic supermarket scopes. All have real glass lenses, mounts and tubes are made from metal. They can be used for basic astronomical observations for decades (like Sun, Moon, planets, bright star clusters, etc.)

Telescopes in the 180 - 360 EUR range

Do you have serious interest in astornomy and would like to observe as much as possible from the night sky? These astronomical telescopes provide excellent views of the most interesting and brightest objects (Sun, Moonm and planets), but if you intent to observe fainter objects it is advised to purchase a bigger telescope in the range of 10-15cm which is able to show all of the Messier objects and can be used in many other fields (variable stars, double stars, comets, minor planets)

Telescopes in the 360 - 750 EUR range

In this price range many semiprofessional telescope can be found. These are suitable for astrophotography as well.

Telescopes in the 750 - 1500 EUR range

These semiprofessional telescopes have excellent accessories and can be used in observatories as well.

Telescopes over 1500 Eur

Professional telescopes even for observatory work.

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