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Budapesti Távcső Centrum

Terms and conditions

Tavcso.hu webshop is operated by Castell Nova Kft. (details as follows):

Registered site:   
9400 Sopron, Szello u. 27., Hungary

Branch office, shop, location of personal administration:   
1122 Budapest, Varosmajor u. 21., Hungary

Personal administration on the above place:
From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, on Saturdays between 9 am and 1 pm

Contact datas:
Telephone number: +36-1-202-5651, +36-20-4849300
E-mail address of customer care: btc@tavcso.hu or info@tavcso.hu

Postal address:
1122 Budapest, Varosmajor u. 21., Hungary

Bank account number:

Beneficiary: Castell Nova Ltd.
Beneficiary's address: Szello u. 27., 9400 Sopron, Hungary
Bank's name: K&H Bank Zrt.
Bank’s address: H-1095, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.
IBAN: HU79 10404058-50526768-54841009 (HUF)
IBAN: HU89 10404058-50526768-54841023 (USD)
IBAN: HU84 10404058-50526768-54841016 (EUR)

VAT number:

EU Tax number (UID) HU11903756

Company registration number:

Statistical number:

Terms and Conditions

Purchasing at the tavcso.hu webshop can only be done online at www.tavcso.hu, or by sending an e-mail to btc@tavcso.hu. We are able to accept orders made over telephone only if the delivery address is in Hungary. All prices in the webshop are actual prices including Hungarian VAT, but exclusive of shipping fee. The actual valid prices are always the prices given at the time of placing the order. Should a false price appear in the webshop due to some technical failure, we contact you via telephone or e-mail prior to dispatching the product for you. The valid parice is what confirmed by an e-mail. We reserve the right to change the prices of the products.


You do not need to register if you are only browsing the web shop, and viewing its contents, or products. You also not need to register when placing an order, just have to give all of necessary details to ship goods out. If you want to use the gallery or our forum, you have to register. Also more convenient to place an order if you are previously registered. At registration billing address, telephone number, and other obligatory personal information must be given. After giving your personal data the system will automatically send you an e-mail of your account details to the address you specified. These details may be modified later at “Account details”. Should you forget your password you may retrieve it at “Forgot your password?” menu. All personal data that you give us will only be used for processing your orders, or to contact you in case of any problems.

Placing an order

The products purchased at tavcso.hu webshop contains Hungarian VAT. If you are not end-user and want to resold our product, please contact us by e-mail and we can prepare your invoice without VAT. In this case you have to give us your EU tax number and the product must leave the territory of Hungary. If the shipping address is outside the European Union, you do not have to pay VAT, please contact us to prepare the net invoice in advance.

The amount of VAT may vary depending on the product. The prices of the products are valid according to the volume given in the specification, or refer to one piece of product if not stated otherwise. Prior to placing the order you may change, or check the content of your shopping cart by clicking on the “Shopping cart” menu in the top right corner. After confirmation of the data click on the shopping cart which takes you to the checkout. The ordering process can be aborted any time until the last step. The system will send you an automatic confirmation by e-mail. We shall contact you either by phone, or e-mail if any unwanted problem occurs.


The webstore and catalog prices shown here do not include delivery, installation and commission fees, but include the Hungarian VAT. The catalog and webstore prices are valid until withdrawal, the promotional prices are valid for the duration of the action indicated. More specifically, the bid prices in written quotation are valid for 14 days (unless another period of validity of bid price are indicated). The delivery cost for Hungary are: under 10,000 HUF value for 1490 HUF, between 10,001 to 20,000 value for 990 HUF, over 20,001 HUF is free. The shipping cost to abroad is according to price list based on the logistics partner (see later).

Payment options

The mode of payment can be chosen while placing an order. If the shipping destination is in Hungary, you may pay by credit card, in advance bank transfer, red postal cheque or upon receipt of the package. If the shipping destination is abroad (outside Hungary), you may pay by credit card, in advance bank transfer. Unfortunately not possible to pay upon receipt of the package. If you choose personal receipt in our shop in Budapest, you can pay by cash, by credit card, or by in advance bank transfer.

Paying with bank card

As stated above, you may pay for the products by bank card in our webshop. By using bankcard for payment you can do your shopping comfortably and safely. After ordering you have to enter your data needed for purchasing on the homepage of the bank, therefore they cannot be accessed by the salesperson in any case. The data are delivered to the bank through encryption, HTTPS protocol. You need to give the below data for online order:

Bankcard number: the sequence of 10, 15 or 16 numbers on the cover of the card.
CVC2 (CVV2) code: it can be found on the back cover of the card, on the signature panel. It is a sequence of 3 numbers which can only be used for electronic shopping. MasterCard, VISA, and VISA Electron card have this CVC2 code.
The expiration date of the bankcard: date which appears on the cover of the bankcard in the format of month/year. So if it says 05/07, it means that the card is valid until the last day of May 2007.

What type of cards do we accept?

You may only use cards for online shopping which has a CVC2 code on it. These are MasterCard, VISA, or VISA Electron. With MasterCard Electronic and Maestro card you may not execute online transactions.

Bank transfer
As we can send the ordered goods only after receiving the amount, the bank transfer is slower than the online bankcard's payment.

In case of bank transfer please use the following bank account number:
Beneficiary: Castell Nova Ltd.
Beneficiary's address: Szello u. 27., 9400 Sopron, Hungary
Bank's name: K&H Bank Zrt.
Bank’s address: H-1095, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.
IBAN: HU79 10404058-50526768-54841009 (HUF)
IBAN: HU89 10404058-50526768-54841023 (USD)
IBAN: HU84 10404058-50526768-54841016 (EUR)

Complaints, claims

The user/owner of the bankcard should primarily turn to the bank which issued the card in case of any complaints concerning the payment transaction, data handling, encryption, or bank card. In case the purchase price of the product is not transferred within 1 week, we will try to get in contact with you to clarify the reason of it. Should we fail to contact you we will immediately cancel the order, and send an e-mail to you. The payment process at personal receipt of the product is according to the conditions defined at delivery conditions.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs via courier all over Hungary:
- the value of the goods are below 10000 Ft the shipping cost is 1490 HUF
- the value of the goods are between 10001-20000 Ft the shipping cost is 990 HUF
- the value of the goods are over 20000 Ft the shipping cost is 0 HUF

Shipping costs of Hungarian postal items (only to the country): 4500 HUF

To abroad please see below


ország code country shipping cost in HUF shipping in EUR (depending on the actual rate)
Albánia AL Albania 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Andorra AD Andorra 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Ausztria AT Austria 4 250 Ft € 13,71
Fehéroroszország BY Belarus 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Belgium BE Belgium 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Bosznia-Hercegovina BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 25 125 Ft € 81,05
Bulgária BG Bulgaria 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Ciprus CY Cyprus 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Csehország CZ Czech Republic 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Dánia DK Denmark 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Egyesült Királyság UK United Kingdom 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Észtország EE Estonia 8 000 Ft € 25,81
Finnország FI Finland 9 875 Ft € 31,85
Franciaország FR France 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Görögország EL Greece 9 875 Ft € 31,85
Hollandia NL Netherlands 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Horvátország HR Croatia 3 660 Ft € 12,00
Írország IE Ireland 14 625 Ft € 47,18
Lengyelország PL Poland 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Lettország LV Latvia 8 000 Ft € 25,81
Liechtenstein LI Liechtenstein 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Litvánia LT Lithuania 8 000 Ft € 25,81
Luxemburg LU Luxembourg 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Macedónia MK Macedonia 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Magyarország HU Hungary 0 Ft € 0,00
Moldova MD Moldova 35 000 Ft € 112,90
Montenegró ME Montenegro 25 125 Ft € 81,05
Németország DE Germany 4 875 Ft € 15,73
Norvégia NO Norway 20 375 Ft € 65,73
Olaszország IT Italy 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Portugália PT Portugal 9 875 Ft € 31,85
Románia RO Romania 5 500 Ft € 17,74
Spanyolország ES Spain 8 000 Ft € 25,81
Svájc CH Switzerland 16 000 Ft € 51,61
Svédország SE Sweden 8 000 Ft € 25,81
Szerbia RS Serbia 25 125 Ft € 81,05
Szlovákia SK Slovakia 4 250 Ft € 13,71
Szlovénia SI Slovenia 6 625 Ft € 21,37
Törökország TR Turkey 25 125 Ft € 81,05
Tunézia TN Tunisia 25 125 Ft € 81,05
Ukrajna UA Ukraine 35 000 Ft € 112,90

Delivery conditions

You may place your order any day and any time, our system automatically processes it and acknowledges it. We deliver the ordered products in 2 working days at the latest (in some extreme cases, if the goods is not on stock it may reach max. 7 working days). Should a longer delivery time is given in the specification of the product (eg red line is above the price), than that is the authoritative (delivery time cannot be specified, in this case please contact us for detail). The courier will try to get in contact with you 3 times to discuss an appropriate delivery time. If he fails to get in contact with you he will return the product back to us. We will try to contact you for an additional week, and afterwards we cancel your order.

We do not take any responsibility for packages delivered by post (not registered). The Customer bears all damages attributable to postal delivery.


In case of any complaints about the quantity and/or quality of the purchased products our courier will return it to us, under the condition that the complaint has been made at the time of delivery. If you find any quality failure upon three days of purchase, we are obliged to change the product. Please contact us immediately in this case. This is not an immediate change. Please send us back the product, with a description of the failure, we have to check it in our workshop and upon a short time we will send you a brand new product. Of course we contact you to agree on a new delivery date. The shipping fee in this case is certainly covered by our company. Should you have any questions, comments, or remarks in connection with our company or the products, please get in contact with us.


Warranty only covers defects of products caused by manufacturing. It does not cover regular usage, including but not limited to, breakage due to abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes attributable to events outside the manufacturing process

Warranty covers at least 1 year warranty on all products. For certain products we can give longer warranty period, please see the warranty details on the produc descriptions. All products are covered by local warranty regulations.


In case you are not satisfied with a product purchased via this website, we offer you a full 14-day money back guarantee.
You may cancel your order up until 14 workdays after delivery without any reason, if you have received the goods by courier. If you get the goods personally in our shop you cannot do that. You have to return the goods under cancellation with all accessories and packed into original boxes to the site of tavcso.hu (Castell Nova Kft, 1122 Budapest, Varosmajor u. 21) or any branches of it together with the original documents. Before you return any cancelled product, please contact us by phone or by e-mail to negotiate the details. The Castell Nova Kft. is obliged to pay back the purchased value of the product in 14 days at the latest. The shipping fee of the returned product is covered by Customer at all times.

Other provisions

In issues not regulated in current Terms and Conditions the governing law is the stipulations of the Hungarian Civil Code, and the statutory order 45/2014. (II. 26.) of contracts between absents.



All content on this webshop, such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, software and products, is the exclusive property of Castell Nova Ltd and is protected by international copyright laws.


Undersigned Customer agrees to the above Terms and Conditions. We guarantee not to forward his/her data to a third person for any purpose, but you agree we can use your data for our own scientific research, public opinion research, market research, as well as direct solicitation of new business, develop own business plan, and own market research.
Thank you for reading it carefully, and have a happy shopping!

With best regards,

staff of Castell Nova Ltd.

Ön a Castell Nova Kft. - Budapesti Távcsõ Centrum oldalait látja. Elérhetõségünk: 1122 Budapest, Városmajor u. 21, Tel. 1/202-5651, 20/484-9300, fax: 99/332-548. Nyitva tartás: hétfõtõl péntekig 10-18h, szombat 9-13 óra között. e-mail info@tavcso.hu (iroda), btc@tavcso.hu (üzlet) vagy castell.nova@chello.hu. Kérem, észrevételeivel tiszteljen meg minket. az oldalt készítette Szabó Áron